Updates: 2012

I don’t think this site was updated since March 2011, but it is now totally and completely up to date. Scribbler 7″s and Banned Books 12″s are out for now, but I added some distro items to the Merchandise section, and the CD version of Under The Sink in the CD section. Also, the Railcars 12″ is now $4.

The only thing I know for sure that is happening this year on Stumparumper is a Brick Mower/Snow What split 7″, which might be out in the summer or maybe early fall. We will also probably help out with putting out the new Brick Mower LP later this year. There might also be some other things, but maybe not.

Thanks for reading.

Banned Books are playing with DEERHOOF!!!!!!!!!

It is true! The great Banned Books will be sharing the stage with the legendary Hoof on Wednesday, September 21st at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. We are all very excited – concerts don’t get much better than this! If you’re in the Philly area, please go see this, it will be so so so worth it. You can buy tickets here – they’re cheaper if you buy them in advance.

Check out this video of BB playing a new song, “Dream Castle”:

…and just for fun, Deerhoof playing one of my favorites:

Brick Mower LP is here!!!

There the are. Colored vinyl! Buy over at the merch page, or check out the entire album here:


Brick Mower is Streaming a 5-song preview of UNDER THE SINK LP

Thought you might want to know. Physical LPs will most likely be shipping at the end of February, but to hold you over for now, Brick Mower is streaming 5 songs off their upcoming debut record over on their bandcamp page. It’s good, so get listening!!

Also, BM has planned a pretty massive east coast tour starting in March, with some other Northeast and Midwest dates in February. Here’s the list:

2/2 – The Meatlocker- Montclair, NJ w/Mattress, Period Girls + more
2/18- TBA in Philadelphia, PA
2/19- Monster House- Columbus, OH w/ What Gives (ex/current Delay, Serious Geniuses, Sidekicks)
2/20- The Soggy Dog House- Lakewood, OH w/ What Gives
2/21- TBA Lancaster/Allentown PA (HELP)

2/25- Mr. Beery’s- Bethpage, NY w/ Dude Japan
2/26- Court Tavern- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Rapid Cities (last show), Big Eyes, Mirrors & Wires

March tour:
3/9- Meat Town USA- New Brunswick, NJ (record release show) w/ Period Girls
3/10- The Charleston- Brooklyn, NY w/ Mirrors and Wires, The Grains
3/11- Nacho House- Newark, DE w/ Tit Patrol
3/12- Concrete Art Space- Virginia Beach, VA w/ You’re Jovian, Young Adult Fiction
3/13- The Motorco- Druham, NC w/ Antibubbles
3/14- The Hangar- Greenville, SC
3/15- Civic Media Center- Gainesville, FL
3/16- The Underbelly- Jacksonville FL
3/17- Wonderroot- Atlanta, GA
3/18- The Cake Shop- New York, NY w/ Black Wine, The Boys Club, Pregnant
3/19- Democracy Center- Cambridge, MA w/ Black Wine
3/20- The Handsome Woman- Willimantic, CT w/ Weak Teeth, Gasoline Wind

3/26- Court Tavern- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Black Wine, Mattress, Sparkle Shit
3/27- Secret Project Robot (PRFBBQ in NY)- Brooklyn, NY w/ In Air, Period Girls, We Ride, + more
3/30- Asbury Lanes- Asbury Park, NJ w/ Ba Babes, + more

New Banned Books song!

Banned Books played at Dreamcastle last night and played one of their new songs. Here’s a video of THAT SONG (thanks to Drew!).

Brick Mower LP coming soon yall

Yes! So it shall be. Brick Mower’s debut LP will be released on Stumparumper and Viking on Campus in March 2011. There will be 11 songs of wonderment. The album is called Under the Sink. It will have silk-screened covers and be limited to 300 copies. Some of those copies will be on colored vinyl. There will also be a cassette version. That is all.

Happy 2011.

Brick Mower lathes up for sale!

Just wanted to say that the Brick Mower floppy lathes are up for sale in the merchandise section of the site. They sound great and the covers are awesome. As of this writing, there are 9 copies left!

The Thanks-giving $1-2-3 sale!!!!!

Hi everybody,

The Brick Mower lathe cut 7″s are being delayed, will probably have them for you soon, maybe December?

In the meantime!!  We are having a huuuuge sale right now where just about everything is one American dollar.  Here’s how it works:

1.) Go to the store and pick out what items you’d like to spin on your turntable for next to nothing.

2.) Add up the cost.  Here’s how much everything costs:

All 7″s (both color and black vinyl) and cassettes = $1 each

Railcars ‘Catherdral With No Eyes’ 12″ = $2

Banned Books ‘Mission Creep’ LP = $3

3.) Your cost should be an integer between 1 and 100000.  The last thing to do is to add $4 to this integer for shipping and delivery confirmation.  Send the total + shipping via paypal to this email address: [stumparumper] [at] [gmail] [dot] [com] (but leave out all the punctuation).  You will get a confirmation email from us.  If you want to pay by check/money order, just shoot us an email.

4.) This sale will run through Thanksgiving day and is open only to US residents.  If you live in Canada or the rest of the world and want in on this, we can probably work something out, but you’ll have to pay actual shipping on your items.  Send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.  Also, sale is only good while supplies last.  This shouldn’t be a huge deal for most items, but for example, there are only 3 or 4 Granny Frost/Brick Mower 7″s left, and maybe 30 Scribbler 7″s.  Quantities will be updated as needed.

5.) Pat yerself on the back for getting such a good deal.

6.) One thing of note!  Records won’t ship until the weekend after Thanksgiving, approx. Nov. 27.  This is due to the fact that I am currently separated from my record inventory.  All sale purchases will be shipped on that day.

Thanks everyone! Let us know of any questions.

Brick Mower 7″ covers PREVIEW

These were done by Ryan Duggan from Chicago and they are awesome.  In the coming weeks, we’ll be folding them up, inserting a 7″ floppy lathe cut, and coercing you to buy one!  Enjoy for now!

Also, a new cassettes from Rebecca’s Room and a split from Bikos/Tubby Boots soon!!!

New Reveille Video

Check it out yall. Reveille playing “La Nouvelle” in a room, presumably somewhere in France. It’s good.

Reveille – La Nouvelle