Stumparumper release schedule 2009

Oh yes, here it is.  I am pleased to announce what is the (semi-)finalized list of Stumparumper releases for 2009.  The details of the releases for the second half of the year are certainly subject to change, but for now, it’ll give you a good idea of where we’re headed and what’s in store.

January 2009:

STUMP-01: The H.A.N.S. – After School 7″.  Edition of 20, clear vinyl, with covers handmade from the H.A.N.S.’ math homework.  Details here and here.

April 2009:

STUMP-02: MC NUGGET – Bisquick square one-sided 8″.  Edition of 20, clear vinyl with hand painted flip side and washable covers.

STUMP-03: BANNED BOOKS/BOT FLIES split 7″.  Edition of 50, clear vinyl, with full-color posters.

July 2009:

STUMP-04: OJESPA JAZZ PROJECT/ORANGE CLAUDE split 12″.  Have you ever heard of two jazz piano trios splitting a 12″ record?  No, you haven’t.  It’s going to be fantastic.  Edition of 25, co-release with Bridge & Tunnel records.

October 2009:

STUMP-05: GREENLIGHT MOTIONLESS hexagonal 8″.  You like Mount Eerie?  The Fiery Furnaces?  Childrens’ stories?  It’s all of those things combined, except better.  Edition of 20, clear vinyl.

STUMP-06: PATRICK DESMOND KELLEY – Robot Sonata 10″.  Stumparumper’s first “classical” music release.  This is a piece (in 10 sections) that I composed for two pianos and string bass – it tells the story of the robots’ takeover of the human race.  Edition of 25, clear vinyl.

Take a deep breath, and step back.  Now start saving your money.  Pretty good, huh?  In our first six releases, we cover the following genres: garage(-indie), rap, awesome-indie, jazz, fairytale-folk, and classical, in that order.  Find me another label who does that.  LONG LIVE THE STUMP!!!!


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