My record collection has been expanding exponentially.  For example: in November, my colored 7″ collection looked like this:


Less than three months later, it looks like this:


Yikes.  It is way cool but it is also way expensive.  At least it’s healthier than other things I could be blowing all my money on.

Anyway, so I’m actually going to start using this blog on a regular basis as a news source for Stumparumper, but also for blogging about cool things (mostly music, I guess).  Some of the above records will certainly be featured.

This post’s feature: The Fiery Furnaces 3LP entitled “REMEMBER”

This might be the easiest review I’ll ever do: this is the best Fiery Furnaces album ever, and in general, one of my favorite albums ever.  It’s long (6 long sides of vinyl), but I wish it was even longer.  Yeah, it’s a live album.  But it’s actually a two-and-a-half hour medley of every FF song from their entire career, but mostly done ways they didn’t do before (sometimes hard to tell it’s the same song).  You might be dumped mid-song into the middle of a small but appreciative crowd wondering where the song went and how you’re record has turned into a bootleg.  But the songs never stop (except to flip the records over) and the variation in sound quality only adds to the adventurous characteristic of this album.  One could not ask more of the musicianship, either – the quartet is impeccable.  Plus,  Jason Loewenstein plays the bass – he’s from Sebadoh!  This is on Thrill Jockey – lp set is limited to 2,000 but I’m sure there are still copies around @ about $25 w/ shipping here.  Plus, it comes with an mp3 download.  There are 2 CD sets too, if you must.  And, yeah, you must.

By the way, if any of those 7″ records catch anyone’s eye, let me know and I can tell you who it is.  Most of them are still in print.


3 responses to “AGGHHH!!!!

  1. I recognize everything there and have a copy myself, it’s so weird to see the exact same singles somewhere else….but what is that Jay Reatard on red?!

    • I think that’s “Painted Shut”, #2 in the Matador series. I only ever ended up getting the first three, but I’m still searching.

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