Banned Books Reviewed on OMGVinyl

A short and sweet review from Mitch at OMGVinyl. The article w/ mp3 is available here, or just read the text as follows:

I like getting records from Stumparumper, it’s always stuff that sounds refreshing and new. This one, “Mission Creep” by Banned Books, is some bonafide awesome, bombastic art-pop. I saw some other reviewers that compared them to The Flaming Lips or Deerhoof, but I’ll have to say here that they genuinely sound like almost noone else I’ve heard. Lots of experimentation, lots of good ideas. This LP is limited to only 300 copies and only costs $7 plus shipping. Visit

That’s right! A $7 vinyl LP! Too good to be true anywhere other than Stumparumper Records.

Also, Banned Books is going on tour really soon. Here are their dates. Go see them before they get famous and it costs $45 for a ticket.

Feb 19 2010 9:00PM Nyack Village Theatre, Nyack, New York
Feb 24 2010 9:00PM M Room w/ Sexoffice and Flamingo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mar 5 2010 8:00PM Franzentrum w/ Mauvelous Bad Bentheim, Germany
Mar 6 2010 8:00PM 8 1/2 Theatre w/ Mauvelous, Osnabrück
Mar 9 2010 8:00PM Alhambra w/ Mauvelous, Oldenburg, Germany
Mar 10 2010 8:00PM Alte Feuerwache w/ Mauvelous, Manheim, Germany
Mar 12 2010 8:00PM Bastard Club w/ Mauvelous, Osnabrück, Germany
Mar 13 2010 8:00PM SubstanZ w/ Mauvelous, Osnabrück, Germany
Mar 21 2010 9:00PM M Room, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 17 2010 9:30PM Carriage House w/ El Fuego, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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