Stumparumper Tees & Totes now available!

The first-ever official Stumparumper merchandise has hit the market! Last week I screenprinted 10 t-shirts and 5 canvas tote bags with a new, never-before-seen* design! The shirts are all pre-shrunk and both the shirts and tote bags are heat set so that you can wash them and it won’t wash the design off. They’re not perfect, but they’re pretty damn good for being homemade (in my opinion), and they’re cheap anyway. Shirts are $8ppd and totes are $6ppd. Both together will be $11ppd. We only have 3 totes to sell for now and 7 shirts. Please email at stumparumper {at} gmail {dot} com to reserve your shirt or tote. They’re ready to ship! Check out the pics below, with colors and sizes listed:

Salmon (small)
Lavender (small)
Red (small)
Lime (small)
Aqua (large)
Gold (large)
Blue (X-large)

*You’ve seen this somewhere, but do you remember where?


One response to “Stumparumper Tees & Totes now available!

  1. ill take one in each colour

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