Upcoming releases & plans

I know it seems kinda like the label is sleeping right now, but it will be coming out of hibernation sometime in the next month.  I don’t know what’s happening with the Railcars remix album, it was supposed to come out 2 weeks ago.  Gah.

Anyway, we have a ton of new things coming out this summer and fall.  The first of which is a new Banned Books cd ep called “Man Maker” (it’s a real cd, not a burned one).  Soon after we’ll have a bunch of cassettes coming out by Brick Mower, Scribbler, GgreenBikos, Rebecca’s Room, and Francois Virot’s new project called Reveille.  If you don’t know Francois Virot, get on it.  Also, we’re going to be putting out 6″ picnic plate lathe cuts (!!) from Granny Frost and Brick Mower, and possibly also MC Nugget.  After all that’s over, there will be the debut LP from the Shrimp Boat Pirates, featuring members of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.  That will be on LP and possibly also CD.  And then some kind of Granny Frost LP in the distant future. The year 2000.  So lots of stuff to look forward to!


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