Lathes, tapes, tables

Been a bit, but we’re still here!

200 cassette tapes are in transit to my doorstep – Reveille and Brick Mower tapes out soon, maybe two weeks or so?  They are both SO SO SO SO good.  And they’ll be cheap, too.  What is wrong with these tape labels that charge $7 or $8 for a 14 minute cassette of white noise?  Seriously.  Reveille and BM have some Grade A pop music to share with you.

Also, we’ve been talking with a new lathe but company from Seattle about doing a bunch of lathes in the near future.  They’re supposed to sound almost as good as real records, and apparently much better than the Peter King lathes from New Zealand.

Lastly, Stumparumper Records will be showing our shy faces at the punk rock flea market in Philadelphia on Sunday, July 25th.  We’ll have lots and lots of stuff for sale, cheap prices, and probably cupcakes, too.  More info on that later.


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