The Thanks-giving $1-2-3 sale!!!!!

Hi everybody,

The Brick Mower lathe cut 7″s are being delayed, will probably have them for you soon, maybe December?

In the meantime!!  We are having a huuuuge sale right now where just about everything is one American dollar.  Here’s how it works:

1.) Go to the store and pick out what items you’d like to spin on your turntable for next to nothing.

2.) Add up the cost.  Here’s how much everything costs:

All 7″s (both color and black vinyl) and cassettes = $1 each

Railcars ‘Catherdral With No Eyes’ 12″ = $2

Banned Books ‘Mission Creep’ LP = $3

3.) Your cost should be an integer between 1 and 100000.  The last thing to do is to add $4 to this integer for shipping and delivery confirmation.  Send the total + shipping via paypal to this email address: [stumparumper] [at] [gmail] [dot] [com] (but leave out all the punctuation).  You will get a confirmation email from us.  If you want to pay by check/money order, just shoot us an email.

4.) This sale will run through Thanksgiving day and is open only to US residents.  If you live in Canada or the rest of the world and want in on this, we can probably work something out, but you’ll have to pay actual shipping on your items.  Send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.  Also, sale is only good while supplies last.  This shouldn’t be a huge deal for most items, but for example, there are only 3 or 4 Granny Frost/Brick Mower 7″s left, and maybe 30 Scribbler 7″s.  Quantities will be updated as needed.

5.) Pat yerself on the back for getting such a good deal.

6.) One thing of note!  Records won’t ship until the weekend after Thanksgiving, approx. Nov. 27.  This is due to the fact that I am currently separated from my record inventory.  All sale purchases will be shipped on that day.

Thanks everyone! Let us know of any questions.


Brick Mower 7″ covers PREVIEW

These were done by Ryan Duggan from Chicago and they are awesome.  In the coming weeks, we’ll be folding them up, inserting a 7″ floppy lathe cut, and coercing you to buy one!  Enjoy for now!

Also, a new cassettes from Rebecca’s Room and a split from Bikos/Tubby Boots soon!!!

New Reveille Video

Check it out yall. Reveille playing “La Nouvelle” in a room, presumably somewhere in France. It’s good.

Reveille – La Nouvelle


Been a little busy moving back to nyc and stuff. New things coming soon – a Rebecca’s Room tape, a Bikos/Tubby Boots split cassette, and a Brick Mower 7″ clear floppy lathe cut! They’re really cool but probably won’t be ready for a couple of months. I don’t think we’re going to do any more cassettes after the next two come out. But who knows?

Thanks for your support.

Listen to this song

Good right?

Brick Mower, Granny Frost news; label update

Just wanted to post a quick picture of three of the decorated cassettes from the Brick Mower “Floors” tape we did recently. Each one is different, these are just 3 out of 50.

Also, before the end of the year (hopefully by around Halloween), we will be putting out a 7″ “floppy” lathe cut with 2 brand new Brick Mower songs!! What is a floppy, you ask? Well…it’s like a 7″, but on clear vinyl…and you can bend it. It’s much thicker than a flexi and really unlike anything I’ve seen before. Also, they sound muchmuchmuch better than other lathe cuts (those of you that have our H.A.N.S. lathe will certainly be able to detect an improvement in sound quality).

As a side note, our move to releasing tapes this summer and lathe cut 7″s in the fall is marking a definite change in direction for the label. Stumparumper was conceived as a lathe cut label, and it’s time to go back to out ideological roots. Not that we have much of an ideology. But — after the H.A.N.S. lathe 7″, I kinda got wooed by the bigger (real) vinyl game; and although I am so so proud of all the records we’ve put out since then, it’s just getting too impractical and expensive to keep up with full-run vinyl. Although I’d never want to wish a record label on anyone, it’s really gratifying to think about all the great people I’ve met, all the wonderful music we’ve put into the world, and the many lessons I’ve learned about business, the music world, other people, and myself. Not to mention it was the direct cause for me to learn how to sreenprint. So anyway – back to lathe cuts, but this time they’re super lathe cuts. Made with love and dangerous chemicals.

Ok. And last on the block for today – Granny Frost is going on TOUR!!!!!! September 23-26, Granny will be trolling the NE, playing in New Brunswick (w/ Brick mower), Worchester, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City (w/ Banned Books). I’ll post more info on this in the coming days, but for now it shall suffice to say that he will be bringing a seriously cool merch item with him. More to come soon.

Finally, the sole picture from the flea market on the 25th. This is our humble and radically expensive table. Thanks again to those who came and helped out.

Quick update

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Stumparumper table at the flea market on Sunday! It was way too hot, but we got through it. We will not be going through it again.

The new Reveille and Brick Mower tapes, plus the newest Banned Books CD ep and the Granny Frost/Brick Mower split 7″ are up now in the merch section and available for your spending pleasure. No bank-breaking here – everything’s between $2.50 and $3.50. Rebecca’s Room tape coming soon, and hopefully lathe cut 7″s also soon? I still didn’t get my sample!!! Thanks for reading, bye.